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    Zircon 62244 Multiscanner i520 OneStep® Wall Scanner

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    Zircon® Multiscanner i520 OneStep® Locates Wood/Metal Studs, Joists, Pipes or Conduit.


    • StudScan mode locates the edges and center of wood and metal studs up to ¾ in. (19 mm) deep
    • DeepScan® mode doubles the scanning depth to 1½ inches (38 mm)
    • AC Scan locates live, unshielded, AC electrical wire up to 2 in. (50 mm) deep
    • Metal Scan mode locates ferrous metal, such as rebar, up to 3 in. (76 mm) deep
    • ACT™ (Auto Correcting Technology)automatically corrects common errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud

    - Deep Scanning Technology Penetrates Concrete, Plywood, Drywall, Paneling and Most Flooring

    - Requires One 9 Volt Battery (Not Included)

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