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    Western Digital WD Purple SATA Surveillance HDD 4TB

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    WD Purple drives are designed specifically for the extreme demands of constant writing and higher temperature 24/7 surveillance systems. They are designed using low-power consuming Intelliseek Technology to reduce noise and vibrations in an always-on surveillance system.

    Today’s high-megapixel cameras and the need for longer retention periods, mean more storage and larger hard drives are required. WD Purple drives are compatible with a large variety of NVRs, DVRs, enclosures, and chipsets so security systems can easily be expanded as needed.

    Western Digital HD-WD4TPUR WD Purple SATA Surveillance HDD 4TB:

    • 4TB capacity
    • Engineered to withstand high temperatures and the demands of an always-on system
    • Intelliseek Technology provides low power consumption to help reduce noise and vibrations
    • Provides quality video playback
    • Compatible with a wide range of enclosures and chipsets
    • Compatible with a variety of NVRs and DVRs

    Note:  We use a generic part number based on the hard drive size, as Western Digital is often updating its part numbers.  We will ship drives with the correct WD Purple part number.

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