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    Weldcote Metals 95518X1SP Common Solder, Lead-Free, 95% Tin 5% Antimony, Solid Core, 0.125" Dia.

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    • With some exceptions, the tin/lead solders can be used to solder copper and most copper alloys, lead, nickel alloys and steel
    • Heat sources include soldering guns, irons and torch applications
    • Acid Core: For soldering materials with poor solderability, stainless steel application
    • Rosin Core: For electrical application
    • Tin/Antimony 95/5: Useful for applications where moderately elevated temperatures is a factor. It has a high electrical conductivity and high fluidity, recommended where lead contamination must be avoided; not recommended for use on brass or HVAC connections; CAUTION: Lead-bearing solders are not to be used in potable water systems


    Wire Diameter: 0.125"

    Core Type: Solid

    Material Type: Lead-Free

    Composition: 95% Tin 5% Antimony

    Format: Wire

    Weight: 1 lbs.

    Description: 1/8" x 1# Spool

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