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    Veracity VOR-ORL OUTREACH Lite Ethernet Extender for Non-PoE

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    OUTREACH Lite provides a simple, compact and wall-mountable way to double the length of a 10/100 Ethernet connection. No configuration is required, it does not require a local power supply, and it does not restrict the throughput of the network link at all. Taking its POE power from the network cable using the universal 802.3af Power over Ethernet (POE) standard, OUTREACH enables network connections to be easily upgraded to POE compatibility if they are not already available using a simple injector. Considerable distances can be achieved: as an example, two OUTREACH Max units could be located at 100 metre intervals, followed by an OUTREACH Lite. POE from the switch or injector would be forwarded by the OUTREACH Maxes as far as the OUTREACH Lite, so no power connections would be required along the connection. This technique could be used to create unrestricted Cat5 network connections of greater than 2km (1.25 miles) in length if required. Please note that OUTREACH Lite is powered by POE but do es not forward it to other equipment. To extend network connections to devices that need POE or POE Plus, use Veracity’s OUTREACH Max POE-forwarding Ethernet extender.


    • OUTREACH Lite Provides a Simple Way to Double the Length of a 10/100 Ethernet Connection
    • No Configuration is Required, it Does Not Require a Local Power Supply and it Does Not Restrict the Throughput of the Network Link at All

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