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    TP-Link HS200 Kasa Smart WiFi On Off Light Switch

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    With this WiFi Switch, your customers can control anything connected to the light switch, such as lights, ceilings fans, and other fixtures. They can manage their fixtures from anywhere using the Kasa Smart App on their mobile device. Using the App, your customers can turn their switch on or off, set schedules, or group fixtures together with other Kasa Smart Devices. 


    With the built-in away mode function, your customers can set their smart switch to turn on and off at random intervals to give the appearance that they're still at home even when they're away. 


    The Kasa Smart app allows users to easily schedule on/off times for lights, ceiling fans and other fixtures at set times each day. 


    Your customer can use their voice to control the Kasa Smart Switch using any Alexa or Google Assistant device. Turn the kitchen light on when hands are full, tell the assistant to dim the lights or turn off the hall light when it's bedtime. 


    The always-on illuminating LED indicator will always help your customers find their smart switch, even in the dark.


    Your customers won't need a hub or any extra equipment for this switch, as it runs off the home's secure WiFi network.  


    This switch comes with a step-by-step, easy-to-understand wiring guide included in the Kasa Smart app, so there's no need to worry about complex wiring. 

    TP-LINK HS200 Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch Features:

    • Can be controlled from anywhere using the Kasa Smart app for smartphone
    • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant for simple voice control 
    • Away mode can turn connected fixtures on and off at random intervals to provide a lived-in appearance when away
    • With the Kasa Smart app, users can schedule lights, ceiling fans, and other fixtures to turn on or off on at a set time
    • No hub is required as the switch uses the home's secure WiFi network 
    • Illuminating LED indicator will help users find the switch even in the dark
    • The grouping feature on the Kasa Smart app can combine the fixtures together for unified management with a single tap

    Product includes:

    • 1 Smart WiFi Light Switch 
    • 1 Face Plate
    • 4 Wire Nuts
    • 1 Quick Start Guide

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