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    The Harris Products Group SB61 Stay-Brite® Solders, Lead-Free, 96% Tin 4% Silver, Solid Core, 0.125" Dia.

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    • Stay-Brite® 1/8 x 1 # Spool
    • Stay-Brite® and Stay-Brite® 8 silver bearing solders are often used instead of brazing alloys throughout the refrigeration/air conditioning industry
    • Bond with most all ferrous and nonferrous alloys
    • Joints exhibit considerably higher-than-necessary elongation for sound, dissimilar metal joints and vibration applications
    • Stay-Brite® #8 is especially effective in filling loosely-fitted couplings
    • Typical Application: Use for all metals with the exception of aluminum. Low temperature solder used in HVAC joints


    Wire Diameter: 0.125"

    Core Type: Solid

    Material Type: Lead-Free

    Composition: 96% Tin 4% Silver

    Format: Wire

    Weight: 1 lbs.

    Chemical Composition: 4% Ag, 96% Sn

    Specification: ASTM B32 Sn 96, NSF 51, J-STD-006 Sn96Ag04A

    Solidus: 430°F/221°C

    Liquidus: 430°F/221°C

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