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    Speco PSW5 12VDC AC & DC Power Supply

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    This is 12V DC power adapter is center positive and can be used with all color Pro-Video cameras. It has a 500 mA current.

    Main Features
    • It supplies continuous power to your gadgets
    • Delivers 12 V DC to ensure that your device is always ready to use
    • 500 mA current enables your device recharge quickly
    • 100 to 240 VAC Input Voltage
    • Fixed 75cd strobe
    • Includes the WPBB surface-mount (standard) or WPLPBB Low Profile (LP) enclosure
    • WPBB/LP made of clear Lexan® - provides maximum visibility and reliability, allowing full 75cd output
    • Super-Slide® Bracket - Ease of supervision testing
    • Checkmate® - Instant voltage verification
    • Synchronize strobe and/or horn with AVSM module
    • Switch selection for high/low dBA
    • Switch for chime, whoop, mechanical, and 2400Hz tone
    • Input terminals accept 18 to 12 AWG
    • Switch for continuous or temporal 3 tone (not available on whoop)
    • 1000mA (1 amp) 12 V DC Power Supply
    • UL Listed

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