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    Panduit FZBA1.5X4 FiberRunner Adjustable Z Bracket

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    The FiberRunner Adjustable Z Bracket is used in a cable routing system to offset a FiberRunner System from the mounting surface. The adjustable Z bracket adjusts from 1.5 inches (38mm) to 4 inches (101mm). It is typically used on an equipment rack. The adjustable Z bracket protects the cable and strengthens the cable routing system.


    (1) The Fiber-Duct 2X2 and 4X4 Routing Systems are Comprised of Channel, Fittings, and Brackets Designed to Segregate, Route, and Protect Fiber Optic Cable and Copper Cabling. (2) it is Suited for Data Center Applications.


    • Bracket used to offset Fiber-Duct System from mounting surface
    • Typically used on the front of an equipment rack

    Tech Info

    UL Listed To 2024A Optical Fiber Cable Routing Assemblies, UL Recognized (File No. E147128) Slotted Wall, CSA Certified (File No. 016446 0 000) Slotted Wall, LP-CSISPEC-FD-1

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