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    Otto P4-333222 Pushbutton Electromechanical Switch, Two Step Wire Wrap, DPDT 6 Term, Black

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    P4 series auxiliary actuators are designed to work with OTTO B2 (single break) and B3 (double break) basic switches. Auxiliary type actuators offer a wide variety of styles and types. Special basic switch characteristics can be specified to match your application needs. All case styles, except 1 and 4, feature OTTO’s patented “rolling sleeve” principle and are sealed to IP68S.

    Unsealed Construction

    These unsealed pushbutton actuators feature a choice of 1/4” and 15/32” mounting bushings with nylon buttons available in nine colors. Choose single, two, three and four pole models. To order standard models, use the Part Number Code shown below.

    Sealed Construction

    Moisture proof at the front panel. Choice of one and two pole configurations. Select from a variety of six bezel/bushing mount case styles in clear (silver) or black anodized aluminum. Styles C, H and F are illustrated here. For styles A, B and G, see P1 series information. Buttons are available in nine colors. Basic switches are per MIL-PRF-8805/101.

    RFI shielding can be included along with the moisture proof sealing feature in all case styles(except styles 1 and 4) and in single or double pole momentary action. Case styles are illustrated at left. The plunger seal is dust tight and moisture proof. Basic switches per MIL-PRF-8805/101.

    These rugged, sealed aluminum pushbutton actuators are anodized in a variety of colors. Available in one and two pole models. An O-ring provides the panel seal to keep out water and dust from the basic switches behind the panel.

    Ideal for applications requiring three modes of operation: “OFF,” Level 1 and Level 2. Plunger seal is dust tight and moisture proof. Available in P1 series bezel styles C, F and H. Two pole only.

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