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    Loctite 4306 Flashcure™ Cyanoacrylate

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    • Used in bonding, encapsulating, coating, tacking and sealant applications
    • Single component, solvent-free
    • Cure in seconds when exposed to UV/visible light sources
    • One component, low viscosity fluorescent adhesive
    • Specifically formulated for extremely rapid UV or visible light cure and secondary cyanoacrylates cure mechanism
    • Eliminates the need for solvent based accelerators
    • Low viscosity (20 cP)
    • Key substrates: Plastics, rubbers and metals
    • Temperature range: - 65ºF to 180ºF (-54ºC to 82ºC)
    • Colour: Clear to pale green


    Format: 1 oz.

    Container Type: Bottle

    Container Size: 50 g.

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