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    Loctite 411833 Speedbonder™ H8000 Structural Adhesive, Two-Part, Dual Cartridge, Green

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    • Specially formulated to provide tough, long-lasting bonds to metal surfaces, such as steel galvanized steel, aluminum, sheet metal and stainless steel
    • Capable of reducing or replacing the need for threaded fasteners, welds or rivets, resulting in a higher quality assembly
    • Medium fixture time, high performance adhesive with excellent peel strength on multiple substrates, especially aluminum
    • Two-part acrylic
    • 15 minutes work time, 30 minutes fixture time, 24 hrs. cure time
    • 3250 PSI sheer strength
    • Colour: Green


    Format: 668 g.

    Container Type: Dual Cartridge

    Colour: Green

    Type: Two-Part

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