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    Kantech P325XSF ioProx Reader, XSF, Single-Gang

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    ioProx readers easily meet the demands of any application. They are a secure and easy-to-install solution to manage and control access all the while ensuring the safety of people and property. Attractive, compact, weatherized, and vandal-resistant, the se readers are suitable for installation in a variety of environments. Compatible with dual-encoded 26-bit Wiegand and Kantech Extended Secure Format (XSF) proximity cards, these readers seamlessly integrate with access control systems including Kantec h door controllers, Kantech Telephone Entry System (KTES) and EntraPass software.

    ioProx cards and tags feature proven, reliable technology that seamlessly integrates with ioProx readers. Cards are available in a variety of shapes/ materials and can be attached to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. Disk shaped prox tags are also available and can be attached to any non-metallic surface. ioProx cards are dual encoded with both 26-bit Wiegand and XSF and are compatible with ioProx readers.


    • Compatible with dual-encoded 26-bit Wiegand and Kantech Extended Secure Format (XSF) proximity cards
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures quick and reliable card reading
    • Readers have weatherproof, vandal-resistant design for indoor and outdoor applications
    • Some readers offer two-factor verification (PIN plus card)
    • Bicolor reader LED and piezoelectric buzzer
    • Cards are dual encoded with 26-bit Wiegand and XSF
    • High security XSF offers over 4 billion unique code combinations
    • Some cards are suitablor dye sublimation printing for photo ID badges
    • Keytag is resistant to cracking/breaking
    • Attach the adhesive-backed tag to any non-metallic card or device to create a proximity card

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