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    Kantech P225XSF ioProx Reader, XSF, Mullion

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    ioProx readers easily meet the demands of any application. They are a secure and easy-to-install solution to manage and control access all the while ensuring the safety of people and property. Attractive, compact, weatherized, and vandal-resistant, these readers are suitable for installation in a variety of environments. Compatible with dual-encoded 26-bit Wiegand and Kantech Extended Secure Format (XSF) proximity cards, these readers seamlessly integrate with access control systems including Kantech door controllers, Kantech Telephone Entry System (KTES) and EntraPass software.

    ioProx cards and tags feature proven, reliable technology that seamlessly integrates with ioProx readers. Cards are available in a variety of shapes/ materials and can be attached to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. Disk shaped prox tags are also available and can be attached to any non-metallic surface. ioProx cards are dual encoded with both 26-bit Wiegand and XSF and are compatible with ioProx readers.

    Main Features
    • Designed for easy installation
    • Fits most standard door frames
    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Highly visible color-coded height levels
    • Capture a person's face and approximate height
    • 3 lens mounting positions
    • Curved surface w/180º HFOV camera adjustment
    • Wrap-around labels visible from side
    • Includes XNB-6001 main unit

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