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    Inner Range 994720 SIFER RS-485 Smart Card Reader

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    The SIFER card reader is a Smart Card reader designed and manufactured by Inner Range. It is a multi-drop RS-485 based reader that employs 128 bit AES encryption from the card through to the door module, providing a far superior level of security than that of traditional Wiegand based card readers. SIFER readers utilize the Mifare DESfire EV1/EV2 card format.

    As SIFER readers utilize a superset of the OSDP protocol, the readers may also be deployed on any system capable of using OSDP.

    Up to 16 SIFER readers may be connected in series to the dedicated RS-485 reader port on the Integriti Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM) or the new Integriti Access Controller (IAC) for full Reader-In and Reader-Out operation. Up to 4 SIFER readers may be connected to the Integriti Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM). 

    SIFER readers are IP 67 rated and available with site specific encryption keys.

    User Programmable cards allow an installer to customize the card number, site code and specify their own site-specific encryption key. Inner Range also offers Pre-programmed cards and Custom Programmed cards where site specific programming, printing and encryption options can be selected when ordering batches of cards from the factory.

    • Ability to read the CSN (Card Serial Number) of 13.56Mhz credentials**
    • Secure 128bit AES Encryption
    • Encrypted from Card to Access Module
    • MIFARE® DESFire® EV1/EV2 Card Format
    • Water & Dust Resistant to IP67
    • Vandal Resistant (fully potted)
    • Flexible LED Assignment
    • Audible Buzzer (can use as DOTL)
    • Multi-drop RS-485 Reader LAN
    • Individual Reader Heartbeat Monitoring
    • Integriti Auto Reader Discovery
    • OSDP Compatible
    • Compatible With Inner Range Encrypted SIFER Cards
    • Support For Custom Site Codes and Site Specific Encryption
    • User Programmable Cards Offer Great Flexibility For Installers
    • Global Configuration from Integriti Software (including firmware updates)
    • Read-Write Functionality
    • Small Footprint (dimensions: 39 (W) x 93 (H) x 15 (D) mm)

    **Multi-format version only - Additional formats for 3rd party card technologies may be added in future.

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