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    HID 5395CG100 ThinLine II Proximity Reader with Wiegand Output, Pigtail, Beep On, LED Normally Red, Reader Flashes Green On Tag Read, Classic Charcoal Gray

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    Providing performance and reliability, HID's attractive, unobtrusive ThinLine II® proximity card reader is housed in a two-piece, weatherproof secure potted enclosure.


    • Easily Installed and Maintained with the Use of Replaceable Covers
    • Provides High Reliability, Consistent Read Range and Low Power Consumption
    • Features Include Multicolor LED and Internal Control or Host Control of the LED and Beeper
    • Mounts Directly onMetal with Minimal Impact on the Read Range Performance
    • Includes Multilingual Installation Manual

    Tech Info

    UL 294/UL (Canada and US), FCC (Canada), IC (Canada), CE (EU)

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