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    FloodStop FS3-8C-V4 V4 Auto Water Shut-Off 3/8" For Dishwasher/Toilet

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    FloodStop automatic flood prevention devices use a wired water sensor to detect a leak.  When water is sensed, the FloodStop controller automatically closes the water valve to help avoid devastating water damage.  At the same time an alarm sounds.

    The FloodStop V4 3/8" compression model is suitable for:

    • Dishwashers
    • Water filters
    • Toilets
    • Any other products that can use a 3/8" compression fitting.

    The FloodStop V4 controller can be powered with the included plug-in power supply with 4 AA batteries as a back up instead of power failure.  Or where a receptacle isn't available for power, it can be run batteries only.  Full time power is recommended where available.

    The FloodStop controller has a built in "normally open" relay that closes when triggered.  This relay output can be connected to an auto dialer, alarm system or automation system.


    • Detects water leaks and automatically closes water valve
    • Motorized full port ball valve
    • Built in alarm on detection
    • Normally Open dry contact closure on detection
    • Runs on AC power with battery backup (AA batteries not included)
    • Optionally may run on battery only for up to 1 year
    • Low battery warning chirps indicate time to change batteries 

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