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    DSC WS4938 Single Button Wireless Panic Remote With Neck Strap & Multifunction Clip

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    For a home security system to be considered comprehensive it needs to protect individuals wherever they may be inside the home - whether they are down in the basement, cooking in the kitchen or watching television.

    With DSC's wireless WS4938 single-button personal panic, users are given a portable means to call for help from anywhere in the home. The WS4938 features intuitive activation via a large, clearly defined button that incorporates a full two second delay to help reduce false alarms. To ensure easy emergency access, the WS4938 includes a neck strap and a multifunction clip that can be mounted in a convenient location or worn on a belt.

    The WS4938 provides users with an uncomplicated, portable means to call for help from anywhere in the home. The unit's large panic button is clearly defined to ensure trouble-free activation in times of emergency.


    • Activation Via 1 Large, Easy to use Button
    • Integrated LED to Indicate Signal Transmission
    • Reliable 433 Mhz Technology
    • Water Resistant
    • Full 2-Second Delay on Panic Button
    • Supervised

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