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    DSC PG9945 PowerG Wireless Door & Window Contact With Auxiliary Input, White

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    The PG9945 Wireless PowerG Door/Window Contact with Auxiliary Input is installed on common intrusions points such as windows and doors to provide perimeter protection of the premise. The PG9945 is designed to communicate with the security system to report openings and closings of doors & windows. Known for its versatility and reliability, the PG9945 is an easy to install device ideal for a wide range of environments.

    The PG9945 PowerG Door/Window Contact is equipped with a visible link quality LED indicator on the contact that lets the installer choose the optimal location for installation, eliminating the effort of going back and forth to the keypad. Additionally, device configuration is quick and easy with no hardware switches or need to re-open devices. All device configuration settings are handled on the system keypad.

    Main Features
    • Subtle and secure protection of windows and doors
    • Compact, near-invisible device
    • Built-in PowerG wireless intrusion technology with two-way communication
    • Long-lasting battery (up to 10 years with typical use)
    • Simple installation and maintenance
    • Ultra-thin magnet (0.08In / 2mm) reduces the need for drilling
    • Ideal for residential and light commercial use
    • White and clear versions available to further reduce visual impact

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