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    DSC LE4010-BL Universal Intrusion LTE Alarm Communicator, 4 Inputs/Outputs In Metal Enclosure, Bell SIM

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    Ensure your installations are future ready, with LTE

    Due to rapidly-evolving cellular technologies, 2G/3G network sunsets are already on the horizon - with some having already been completed. Now's the time to adopt and adapt. Switch to LTE today, to offer customers long-lasting investment protection, and reduce your future truck rolls. The LE4010 connects the alarm control panel to the Cellular network and reports alarm signals directly to a monitoring station receiver (SurGard System I-IP/II/III/IV/5). The LE4010 uses the Cellular network to ensure low-cost, high-speed and reliable alarm communications and is compatible with control panels that communicate using the Contact ID or SIA (300 baud) formats.

    How it Works

    The LE4010 is installed between the telephone connection of a control panel and telephone line. When used in a backup role, the communicator assesses the connection to the PSTN phone line, and if that has failed, it then connects to the Cellular network to send an alarm signal to the monitoring station. In a primary role, the communicator simply sends the alarm transmission over the Cellular network immediately. Alarm signals are transmitted directly to the IP linecard of the monitoring station receiver without the need of clearinghouse involvement.

    Activating & Initializing the Unit

    Activating and initializing the LE4010 can be done using the mobile interface or web-user interface provided by C24 Communications. No special tools are required.

    Advance Panel Transmission Monitoring

    The LE4010 can intelligently monitor the panel transmission and switch over to the Cellular network when the phone line is down. This function will occur for both traditional POTS and newer digital technologies (i.e. VoIP).

    Rate Plan

    Cost-effective rate plans have been negotiated and are available through authorized master resellers. Contact your monitoring station or visit to find a master reseller.

    Mobile Site for Easy Installation and Comprehensive

    Maintenance C24 Communications mobile site ( makes the installation a simple process and offers intuitive trouble-shooting features, cutting down on time and cost allocated to maintenance.

    SMS Command & Control

    The LE4010 can be configured to conveniently accept SMS commands from select phone numbers to trigger remote activation of the PGM outputs. Outputs can be used to remotely arm/disarm your alarm system or trigger other actions such as opening a garage door.

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