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    Dottie WD6N #6 Nylon Walldriller Anchor, 100 Pack

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    The Wall Board Anchor is manufactured with a fine centered point that helps guide the anchor into the material. It features a unique sharp thread design that allows it to screw directly into drywall with no pre-drilling. It is also a reusable anchor that can be easily installed with a screwdriver or power driven screwdriver.

    Main Features

    • Safe Tension Load 3/8'' Drywall: 20lbs, 1/2'' Drywall: 23lbs, 5/8'' Drywall: 30lbs
    • Shear Strength 3/8'' Drywall: 92lbs, 1/2'' Drywall: 104lbs, 5/8'' Drywall: 110lbs
    • Safe Shear Load 3/8'' Drywall: 46lbs, 1/2'' Drywall: 52lbs, 5/8'' Drywall: 55lbs
    • Applications For Walls, Not Recommended For Ceilings
    • Superior Pullout and Shear
    • No Drill Bit Needed
    • Sharp Profile Thread Cuts Deep

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