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    Cole Hersee 48000 Trailer Tail Light Converter

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    For vehicles with two batteries, these devices electrically isolate the batteries to prevent the battery with the higher charge from draining into that with the lower charge. In addition, both batteries can be charged simultaneously from one source.

    The amp rating of each item is the maximum alternator rating. Most alternators on new vehicles have an integral electronic voltage regulator that requires the use of the 4-stud battery isolator. The small 4th stud is for connection to a circuit switched by the ignition switch. The newer alternators were first introduced by Delco and are therefore sometimes called 'Delcotron-type alternators'. A 4-stud battery isolator can be used with older pattern alternators (in this case the 4th stud will remain unconnected), but a 3-stud battery isolator cannot be used with the Delcotron-type alternator.

    • General purpose Battery Isolators for 12-36V DC negative ground systems
    • Electronic components are embedded to give excellent protection from adverse conditions, such as contamination and vibration
    • Integral heat sink provides efficient heat dissipation

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