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    BRK 9120BA Direct Wire Ionization Smoke Alarm With Battery Backup

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    The BRK 9120BA ionization smoke detector is designed to be hardwired to your building's 120V power source and can be interconnected with up to 12 BRK or American Sensors smoke alarms, and up to 6 smoke/co combination alarms so all units will go in to alarm if any single unit is triggered.  It also features a 9V battery backup so it continues to function if your building power fails.

    This unit is cross listed to be compatible with American Sensors SA360, SA379, COS2010 units in mixed installations.  When replacing an older model, the wiring connector and mounting bracket will need to be replaced with the ones included in the new detector package.BRK 9120BA 120V Smoke Detector Features:

    BRK 9120BA 120V Smoke Detector Features:
    • Dual chamber Ionization smoke detector
    • 120V hardwired
    • 9V battery backup
    • Test / Reset Button
    • Silence Button to silence unit during false smoke alarms
    • Indicator LED
    • 85dB at 10 feet
    • ULc certified
    • 10 year warranty
    • Replaces 4919A, SA360, SA379

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