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    Bosch ISN-SM-50 Seismic Motion Sensor 50m²

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    ISN-SM seismic detector monitors objects and surfaces, has a low-profile design, and can be installed effortlessly, even in tight spaces. ISN-SM seismic detectors are designed to monitor safes, night safes, and automatic teller machines.

    The seismic detector recognizes vibrations caused by explosives and tools such as diamond-tipped drills, mechanical and hydraulic rams, flame cutters, thermal lances, or water jet cutters. The SENSTEC sensor and the digital signal processing monitor a narrow frequency range, thus offering reliable detection. The seismic detector tolerates environmental conditions such as air movement and noise.

    Main Features
    • 4 m operating radius on concrete
    • 50m² monitoring area
    • 24-hour surveillance of vault walls and doors, safes, night safes, and automatic teller machines
    • Sensitivity settings using DIP switches
    • SENSTEC® sensor and signal processing system based on microcontrollers
    • Low profile design

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