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    Arlington TVBU810GC 8" x 10" TV Box™ For Versatile Home Theater Installations With Grounding Clip

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    For home theater installations, choose Arlington's versatile 8" x 10" Non-metallic TV Box bridge kit. It includes line voltage box and duplex receptacle. 1-1/2" knockout, cable entry device, and wire management brackets are also included. For new and old construction, and is perfect for a clean wall mount TV install. With grounding clip.

    Arlington’s TVBU810 TV Box™ delivers the ultimate in versatility for installing wall-mounted TVs in new work or retrofit projects. There’s more room in the box for wires. And, you can install it horizontally or vertically to ensure proper positioning of low voltage connections behind the TV. Available with a non-metallic or steel box, TVBU810 is ideal for home theater systems where multiple connections are needed for sound systems, satellite TV, cable TV, DVRs, and more.

    • Accepts standard-style plates with receptacles and decorator-style devices with plates and Arlington’s SCOOP™ series entrance plates and hoods
    • In new work box mounts to a stud; in retrofit mounting wing screws hold box secure in the wall
    • 1-1/2″ knockout for ENT or other low voltage wiring
    • Optional cover available for unused boxes
    • cULus Listed

    NEW! TVBU810
    8X10 TV BOX™

    Installation Versatility • Perfect for Home Theater Installations
    Lots of space inside for multiple low voltage connections…Brackets for a neater installation In RETROFIT mounting wing screws hold box secure in wall Mounts to stud in NEW work. Made in USA. TVBU810 (ENT installed in 1-1/2″ knockout)

    Arlington TVBU810GC 8″ x 10″ TV Box with Grounding Clip Comes With:

    (1) TVBU810 Frame
    (1) TVBU810 Box
    (1) Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle
    (1) Single-Gang Wall Plate with screw(s)
    (3) Single-Gang Blank Wall Plates with screws
    (1) Receptacle Mounting Bracket
    (1) NM Snap-In Blank
    (1) NM Cable Connector
    (1) CED130 Insert
    (7) #8-32 x 1/2″ Long Screws

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