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    Arlington DBHS1CGC Low Profile InBox™ For New Vinyl Siding Construction With Grounding Clip

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    Low profile Inbox for new vinyl siding construction. Horizontal with weatherproof while in use Extra Duty clear cover. With Grounding Clip.

    With IN BOX™ there are no extra parts to purchase or handle. You’ll save big on labor and materials. One-piece IN BOX, the recessed electrical box for exterior use, eliminates installing multiple pieces – an electrical box, bubble cover assembly and a siding block on siding. And the job looks great because IN BOX installs in the wall – so less shows outside. It’s that simple. Cost savings. Time savings. A great-looking job. Get it all in Arlington’s one-piece IN BOX!

    • Non-metallic, 22.0 cu. inch electrical box with extra-duty weatherproof while-in-use clear or white cover
    • Single and two-gang, vertical and horizontal, for a variety of applications
    • For new and old work
    • Accepts single-gang devices -no gaskets required

    Outer flange covers cut ends of siding

    • Installs in the wall, so less of it shows outside
    • IN BOX’s one piece assembly replaces the installation of an electrical box, siding block,
    and bubble cover assembly
    • Install option: Cover is removable for easier device installation
    • No gaskets required
    • Weatherproof in use
    • Extra duty

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