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    Aiphone RY-3DL Selective Door Release Adaptor

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    The RY-3DL provides selective door release capability with the KB-3MRD Video Sentry Color Tilt, JP-4MED Hands-Free Color Video, or IE-2AD(U) Chime Tone Intercom.

    Main Features

    • Provides selective door release capability
    • Compatible with JP, JF, and KB
    • Both normally open and normally closed output options
    • Relay Input: 12-18V DC, Red, Gray wires, 22AWG
    • N/O Output rating: 1A at 30V DC or 50V AC
    • N/C Output rating: 1A at 30V DC or 50V AC
    • Wiring: 4 conductors from Master Station to RY-3DL. 2 conductors from power supply to RY-3DL. 2 conductors from RY-3DL to release mechanism, with power wired in series.
    • Dimensions: 5-1/2" H x 3" W x 1-1/2" D

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