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    Aiphone IER-2 Chime Extension Speaker

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    Chime Extension Speaker - The IER-2 is used to hear a chime from a door station in a separate location without using extra handset. The IER-2 mounts to a single gang box and features a three position switch for volume control.

    Specification Description

    Communication: Hands-free (VOX) or Push-to-Talk (PTT) Power Source: 15V AC - Use AC transformer PT-1211C, 120V
    Wire Type: Door to Master: Aiphone #822202 or 871802 Master to Subs: Aiphone #812205 or 871804 Distance: Door to master: 360’(22AWG) 1020’(18AWG) Master to farthest sub: 330'
    Wiring: Door to master: 2-cond, master to sub masters 4-cond
    Door Release: Contact rating: 9.5 ~ 20V AC, 70ohm resistance, or use EL-12S

    Main Features

    • Announces chime/call tone only
    • Adjustable volume (3 positions)
    • Indoor mounting
    • One speaker for the master (or sub) station

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