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    Aeotec ZW187 Recessed Door Sensor 7

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    The Aeotec ZW187 Recenssed Door Sensor Gen 7 is a Zwave / ZWave Plus enabled wireless sensor designed to work with most zwave certifed hubs.

    A hole is drilled at the top of the door and the sensor is inserted and once installed it hides away.

    Monitor entrance and exit doors, closet doors, doors to garages or basements and more.

    Aeotec ZW187 Gen7 Recessed Door Sensor Features:

    • ZWave and ZWave Plus compatible
    • S2 framework
    • Smartstart
    • IP20 water resistant
    • Runs on CR2 3V lithium ion battery
    • Up to 2 year battery life

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