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    Aeotec ZI-STICK Zi-Stick Zigbee 3.0 USB

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    Aeotec's Zi-Stick can transform platforms like Raspberry Pi, PCs, Laptops, etc into universal Zigbee gateways by connecting Zi-Stick to the USB interface. With Zi-Stick, connect any Zigbee device to your own Smart Home. The host PC will save all automation, settings, and scenes locally to your own setup. Connect the Zi-Stick, connect your software, and transform your home into a smart home via your self-built Zigbee gateway.

    ZI-STICK Zigbee Smart Hubs Features:

    • Zigbee technology
    • 2.4GHz globally recognized frequency
    • Zigbee-compatible microcontroller EFR32MG21 inside
    • Rx sensitivity: -99dBm
    • Max Tx Power: 20dBm
    • Open area range: 200m
    • USB interface with standard NCP commands from Silicon Labs. Easy to use as Serial Port on the Host machine (PC/laptop/single board computers)
    • Multiple plugins for openHAB, Home Assistant, Node-RED, DIY platforms, C, Node.js, and Python libraries to build your own application 

    ZI-STICK Zigbee Smart Hubs Specifications:

    • NameZi-Stick 
    • EAN: 1220000017191
    • Zigbee Chip: EFR32MG21
    • Zigbee Version: Zigbee 3.0
    • Power Supply: USB DC 4.75V to 5.25V
    • Operating Distance: 200m max distance

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