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    2GIG-TAKE-345 Super Switch Wireless Takeover Module (TAKE1)

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    The Super Switch is 2GIG’s wireless takeover module. This unit was designed to convert 8 hardwired zones into eight wireless zones, make installation simple, and work with existing 12‐volt control panels. The module is to be mounted next to the existing Control Panel where the hardwired zones are connected. All of the zones on the Super Switch act as supervised wireless zones.


    • Takeover Module
    • Mounting Plate
    • 2 Phillips head screws
    • 2 Plastic drywall anchors

    Main Features

    • Converts hardwire zones to wireless frequency
    • Converts 8 zones per module (additional modules may be added)
    • Integrates with 12-Volt panels
    • Easily connects to existing control panel's battery
    • Provides power backup through existing hardwire panel
    • Operates at 9-16 VDC, 50 mA
    • Can be powered by and use backup battery of an existing 3rd party Control Panel
    • ETL Listed

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