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    What Not To Do On An Airplane

    What Not To Do On An Airplane

    Flying in a plane takes a great deal of remembering: Did I bring everything on my list? Is what I'm wearing appropriate? Did I remember to bring my passport? The mental checklists are endless, but being prepared is more crucial than ever. “Until the airlines are back to normal with routes and staffing,” says Terry Suero, Senior Board Member of Safe Travel Pathways, “it is vital to plan for the unexpected.”

    Flights will be delayed; planes will be parked for lengthy periods of time; personnel will be restricted; passengers will be anxious; flights will be cancelled; and so on.” Not to mention going through security without drawing the notice of the TSA. What is one secret to a stress-free trip? Make certain that you never do any of these things on a flight.

    - Don't walk around barefoot

    - Skip the coffee, tea and ice

    - Don't touch the flush button in the bathroom

    - Do not use the blankets, they are recycled from flight to flight

    - Don't touch your face after you touched your seat

    - Don't cut the line when you are disembarking

    - Don't stand up right away when the plane lands

    - Do not recline your seat during take-off or landing

    - Don't make loud phone calls

    - Do not argue with the flight attendant


    Source: Reader's Digest

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