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    What Is Contemporary Design & Features You Should Know

    What Is Contemporary Design & Features You Should Know

    Contemporary design has a fluid definition, essentially referring to the latest and most popular home design trends. Features that are modern and align with the culture’s current styles fall under the umbrella of contemporary design. So, what is contemporary design in today’s world? Here are seven features that you should look out for in 2023 and beyond.

    1. Neutral Colors

    Neutral colors dominate the realm of contemporary design. Black, gray, brown and everything in between are easy on the eyes and help create a calming environment. You won’t find many bright and energetic features here. Black is often the most heavily utilized, creating a dark foundation to allow the other colors to pop more effectively.

    A contemporary room’s primary paint color should be a cool shade of gray with a white or pastel trim. The floors and furniture are usually brown, gray or white. These colors are common for furniture in other design styles as well, but they stand out more in contemporary rooms because of the neutral background.

    2. Accentuated Lines

    Lines are extremely important in contemporary design. Strong visible lines must be present throughout the room – on the walls, the floors, in furniture designs and in artwork. Establishing vertical and horizontal linear planes makes the room appear taller and wider and helps fill up empty spaces.

    You can also use curved lines to add another dimension to the room. Round tables and chairs complement the straight features and naturally draw attention to themselves. Small unintentional details like cracked bricks and exposed pipes – two popular features of industrial design – also give some individuality to the otherwise geometric walls. 

    3. Recessed Lighting

    The light fixtures in contemporary design shouldn’t be immediately apparent. Recessed lighting that hides in the floors, walls and ceilings is the best way to go. These types of fixtures create more of a subtle glow than a bold shine, which is much more appropriate for neutral contemporary spaces.

    Other viable options are thin vertical fixtures, namely pendants and lamps, that fill up the room’s empty space and add more lines to the mix. Cove lights and indirect lights are other types that you might use. The key is to make your light fixtures subtle, not bold.

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