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    What Do Those Numbers Mean On Your Glasses

    What Do Those Numbers Mean On Your Glasses

    Hey there, you with the glasses! Have you ever noticed the little numbers on the arm of your glasses? It is not always important for the consumer to be familiar with the numbers on their products, but in the case of eyeglasses, those numbers may reveal a lot about your frames.

    Your eyewear is more than simply a prescription, whether you use distance glasses, reading glasses, polarized sunglasses, or even blue light glasses. Knowing what these numbers represent is especially essential if you plan on purchasing glasses online.

    “On a normal pair of glasses, you'll find three measurement numbers, generally in the form of AA-BB-CCC (these are not the actual names for these numbers, but what I'm using to make things clearer),” explains Ardsley, NY optometrist Jonathan Wolfe.

    He says that the numbers indicated by AA relate to your eye size measurement. This is the horizontal breadth of the aperture of one eye. This measurement usually falls between 42mm and 58mm. The bigger the frame, the bigger the value.

    The second number, identified by BB, represents the distance between the right and left lenses, which typically varies from 16 to 24mm.

    Finally, the CCC value is the length of the arms, which is typically between 130 and 150mm. The bigger the number, the more pleasantly your glasses will sit on your face.

    Everyone is unique in terms of form and size, and the measurements of your face are no exception. A set of glasses that works well for one individual may not work well for another. These simple face measurements make it easier for the patient to choose a pair of comfortable glasses.


    Source: Reader's Digest

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