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    Vaccination Programs Are Taking Off

    Vaccination Programs Are Taking Off

    According to the most recent statistics from Our World In Data, COVID-19 immunization initiatives throughout the world are getting off to a good start.

    Canada's effort has been one of the most outstanding of the late bloomers. Following a sluggish start, the country has already delivered 108 doses per 100 individuals, indicating that it is well into its second round of treatments. The EU has caught up as well, and is presently at 88 doses per 100 people.

    Israel, the early frontrunner in the vaccination race, has seen its deployment significantly slowed. Similarly, the United States, which was vaccinating at an astonishing rate for a while, has slowed, indicating that there is still a reasonable amount of vaccine scepticism in the country. In the United Kingdom, the rate has slowed but not much, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson planning to lift most restrictions on July 19th.

    Japan's vaccine program is also nearing completion, with the country having delivered 42 shots per 100 people. Unfortunately, with the games only two weeks away, Japan has declared a state of emergency, prompting Olympic organizers to prohibit all spectators from attending the events in Tokyo.


    Source: Our World In Data, chartr

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