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    Using Rock Salt Or Ice Melt For Safer Walkways

    Using Rock Salt Or Ice Melt For Safer Walkways

    Canadians are all too familiar with the destruction caused by salts on our roads and vehicles. They erode porous surfaces such as pavement, concrete, and matting. Many of us have unwillingly realized that this is a necessary element of maintaining our public pathways clear and safe. Without it, your customers, visitors, and family members might easily trip and fall.

    Is it possible to de-ice your pathways without causing damage? Because there are several products and technologies available, preparing the suitable ice-melting solutions for the first snowfall is critical.

    Rock salt (or sodium chloride) dissolves the bond by reducing the freezing point of water, resulting in a brine solution that runs beneath the snow and ice. Because the salt must become "wet" in order to form this brine, its potency begins to wane at -9°C.

    To begin with, rock salt is inexpensive; but, staying on top of the residue demands a lot of labor - cleaning and shoveling away residual salt. Not to mention the expense of repairing and replacing damaged surfaces.

    Although the salt's shape aids in traction, the crystals grind into surfaces and degrade concrete, pavement, and flooring over time. It also has a harmful impact on plants and animals. If swallowed, it can cause gastrointestinal problems as well as paw irritation.

    Ice Melt is a de-icer composed of many components, including sodium chloride (salt), calcium chloride to function in freezing temperatures, and magnesium chloride to decrease damage. While ice melt is less corrosive than rock salt, it can nevertheless damage surfaces in the long term. Calcium chloride is ideal for cooler climates and Magnesium chloride is ecologically friendly.

    Which is better - ice melt or rock salt?

    It will depend on the following below:

    - What is your climate?

    - What is your budget?

    - Do you have any safety concerns?

    Whether you use salt or ice melt, the effectiveness and impact are highly dependent on how you use them. It is important to get professional advice on application procedures, timing, and post-cleaning measures.



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