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    Turning Your Outdoor Space Into A Destination

    Turning Your Outdoor Space Into A Destination

    Yes! There's lots of fresh air and sunshine outdoors. What's not to like about that? You are not alone in your enjoyment of the great outdoors. In reality, the evolution of outdoor spaces is still a part of today's design standards. According to recent hotel trend assessments, the incorporation of nature and outdoor areas will be attractive elements in 2022 and beyond. As a result of this trend, the hotel sector is currently altering outdoor spaces to improve the visitor experience while distinguishing their property from the competitors.

    If we look at how this trend started, COVID-19 is the most likely culprit. During the pandemic, outdoor places were often seen as far safer than indoor ones. As a result, guests learned to appreciate and improve their own outdoor areas, and this desire and expectation flowed over to the trip experience.

    Today, we continue to see a blurring of the lines between guestroom walls and outside areas, with public spaces blending with guest quarters. The need to experience and interact with nature (even indoors), natural light, and indoor/outdoor places (such as rooftop bars), are all important factors in hotel design. Event rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide vistas and natural light, as well as terraces and patio areas, are examples of architectural features that visitors consider while making booking selections.

    Outdoor area is generally the first impression a guest has of a hotel, making it a perfect opportunity to set the tone for your facility. Creating sensations of warmth and relaxation, as well as restored energy and attention, might be the difference between higher reservations and a lack of occupancy, regardless of your company's budget. Large-budget remodels aren't always possible, especially in uncertain economic times, but outdoor furniture and fixture additions, as well as periodic improvements, can help you achieve your restoration goals. A pergola, for example, may add value and versatility to your area while being quite inexpensive.

    One frequently overlooked aspect of blurring the lines between interior and outdoor areas is a visitor's auditory senses. With the correct music and outdoor speakers, you may create a calm or appealing environment. A well-designed lighting arrangement may also serve to create an inspirational ambience and an outdoor destination. Hotels may provide a more pleasant and attractive environment by introducing amenities such as plants and water features.

    Don't forget to consider how you handle trash and recycling cans in public places. Ignore these public space necessities, and they will become visual distractions, detracting from the overall experience you want to deliver to guests.

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