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    Smart Moving Tips

    Smart Moving Tips

    The heart is where the home is. It also houses your family, your belongings, your pets, and pretty much anything else you value. Protecting your home is always a responsibility, but if you're moving into a new home, renovating an existing one, or creating your ideal home from the ground up, now is the time to make some smart home security decisions with

    #1: Unlock your new home’s potential

    Whether you're moving or your home is being built, adding a smart, linked lock helps keep workers and movers on task and on schedule, while also securing your property from intruders.

    - From your smartphone, you may disarm your security system and unlock the front door.
    - Allow access codes for keyless entry for employees or cleaners accessing your home.
    - Receive rapid notifications if you neglect to lock your front door or close the garage door, allowing you to respond quickly.

    #2: Keep your eyes on the prize makes it simple to keep an eye on your new house while you're away. Indoor and exterior cameras provide a comprehensive picture of your move, from the people participating to the general process.

    - With Video Analytics, you can see who is approaching your property and determine if it is a car, an animal, or a human.
    - Using inside cameras, you can keep an eye on your children and pets inside your new house while you're moving.
    - Answer the front door safely with a touchless video doorbell that informs you when someone arrives—you can answer from anywhere using the app.

    #3: Come home to comfort

    With all of the comings and goings that occur during a move, an energy-saving smart thermostat allows you to adjust your home's heating and cooling so that everyone is comfortable.

    - Using the app, you can turn up the heat (or AC) on the move.
    - Connect your smart thermostat to your security system to change temperatures automatically for arrivals and departures.
    - Investigate smart energy-saving measures to keep your expenses low.

    Investing in a smarter home sooner rather than later can help you save time, money, and concern both now and in the future.'s linked security system is the smartest approach to secure your new home and everything (and everyone) vital inside it.

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