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    Smart Faucet

    Smart Faucet

    Voice control, visual displays, and thermometers are among the sophisticated features found in smart faucets.

    While some of the growth can be attributed to COVID-19, interest in smart faucets has been gradually increasing since August 2019, well before the pandemic.

    Most likely because smart faucets enable consumers to check their water consumption and minimize their total water consumption.

    Currently, 87 percent of individuals claim to make an attempt to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This is one of the reasons MarketWatch expects the worldwide smart faucet market to grow from $273.4 million currently to $443.9 million by 2027.

    Smart faucets are a subset of the Smart Home trend. Sixty percent of people now have six or more smart home gadgets.

    Furthermore, according to a ValuePenguin industry research, there is a strong link between people's climate worries and their interest in smart home technology.


    Source: Exploding Topics


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