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    Refreshing Drinks To Get Us Through The Summer

    Refreshing Drinks To Get Us Through The Summer

    You might be dreaming about cups of hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes already. But we're not quite there yet. It's still cool beverage season, and these cold beverages are exactly what we need to get us through the summer's final (hopefully) wave.

    Water alone will not be enough at this time of year. You've been drinking from that reusable bottle all season, and even the typical tricks like adding a squeeze of lime or stirring in some mixed berries may not be bringing you any joy.

    DIY beverages like agua frescas, lemonades, flavored iced teas, and even certain iced coffees might provide the energizing boost you want right now. And they aren't difficult to do. Most require mixing a few basic components (think fruit or herbs) for a minute or less, or at most, steeping something in a pitcher while you do other things (working, sleeping, whatever).

    So, even if you have a lot on your plate, you may be the type of person that creates their own refreshing beverages. And you really should! They are not only hydrating and tasty, but they also transform sweating non-events like sitting on your porch or a park bench into legitimate activities that feel cool, comfortable, and pleasant.

    - Frozen strawberry lemonade

    - Watermelon juice

    - Southern style sweet tea

    - Fruit infused water

    - Mango lemonade

    - Fizzy apple cider

    - Homemade limeade

    - Fruit and vinegar mocktails

    - Iced peach green tea

    - Cucumber agua fresca


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