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    Pina Colada Day (July 10th)

    Pina Colada Day (July 10th)

    The Pina Colada has a long and noble history, both as a mixological standard and as the core of a song about not giving up on love just because it seems stale.

    The drink's name is derived from the ingredients used in its production, Pia meaning "Pineapple" and Colada meaning "Strained." This cocktail is a delectable mash-up of everything that screams Caribbean and tropical places.

    Is there anything more reminiscent of sunny white sand beaches and azure sky than a drink created on those same shores?

    If you really need someone to show you the best way to celebrate Pina Colada Day, you might have begun without us. Despite the fact that it is a very basic drink, there are variations on this old classic that may have you enjoying a new variety (responsibly, of course) during the day.

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