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    Most Popular Baby Names Since 1920

    Most Popular Baby Names Since 1920

    According to the most recent data from the US Social Security Administration, Liam and Olivia have maintained their positions at the top of the list of the most common baby names in the United States. Liam has now been the most common name for male babies for four years, while Olivia has ranked first for females for two years, relegating Emma to second place following a five-year reign.

    We examined the SSA data to determine the most common names over the last 100 years. For several years, Mary dominated name charts, holding the top spot for females from 1920 until the early 1960s, with Linda only narrowly dethroning Mary. After Lisa's brief reign, the "J's" of Jennifer and Jessica ruled until the mid-1990s, when Emily ascended for a 12-year reign.

    John, Robert, and James dominated in turn for male babies before Michael took the top spot in 1961 — a position Michael would hold for 44 years in total, giving up the top spot to David for just one year in 1960. Jacob then reigned supreme for 13 years, from 1999 to 2012, before giving way to Noah and, finally, Liam.


    Source: chartr

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