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    [May 13th] Apple Pie Day

    [May 13th] Apple Pie Day

    If you ask a number of people, the majority of them would jump at the opportunity to sink their teeth into a slice of apple pie, particularly if it is hot out of the oven. Apple Pie Day is like a blank check for eating apple pie, so everybody can take advantage of it!

    Apple Pie Day encompasses far more than that. It has the potential to bring families together, whether they are baking in the kitchen or eating tasty desserts together. And for many people, commemorating this day is an expression of patriotism. After all, apple pie is as American as, yeah, apple pie, as they claim.

    While apple pie was not invented in America, it is now strongly identified with many American cultures and traditions. Even then, there's no excuse that people all over the world can't celebrate Apple Pie Day.

    So go to the apple orchard or farmers' market, get some apples, and start celebrating Apple Pie Day!


    Source: Days Of The Year

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