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    Make Your Bed Day (September 11)

    Make Your Bed Day (September 11)

    Make Your Bed Day seeks to raise awareness about the importance of making your bed every morning! 'Aww, Mom, Do I Have To?' is not to be confused with 'Aww, Mom, Do I Have To?' Day, which occurs every 364 days of the year, is a pleasant diversion from complaining and encourages people to enjoy making their beds!

    Make Your Bed Day, one of the simplest jobs to complete, is loaded with creative ways to look at making the bed from a new angle.

    People may refuse to make their beds because they do not take pride in the color, design, or beauty of their bedrooms. Make Your Bed Day is the ideal opportunity to get a new bedspread, comforter, pillow, or blanket. Those who love the appearance of their bedrooms will feel more at ease.

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