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    How To Turn A Small Bathroom Into A Spa

    How To Turn A Small Bathroom Into A Spa

    A spa day with girls is the pinnacle of relaxation, with its soft white robes, soothing sounds and pleasant aromas. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to go for a full-on retreat every time we feel stressed or unhappy. The answer — bring the spa home to you. 

    Many people are turning their bathrooms into a grand experience. But what if your bathroom is on the smaller end? Do you have to skip this serene trend? Absolutely not! 

    Even small bathrooms look good in this style since the aesthetic tends to be pretty minimal in execution. The light colors and decluttered surfaces lend themselves well to rooms of any size. If you’re still feeling stuck, these tips will show you how to make a small bathroom look like a spa.  

    1. Choose Light Paint

    Spas rarely use dark colors. Instead, they get inspiration from the colors of nature. Soft blues, greens, whites and greys all make fabulous wall color and accent choices for bathroom retreats. You also don’t want to overdo your color palette. Commonly, you’ll see a shade of white as the dominant color, accented with one accent. Using these light colors will give you the zen quality you’re looking for and make your bathroom look larger.  

    2. Add Greenery 

    Another way to bring natural colors into your retreat is to add potted plants. Spas tend to have a natural, earthy decor style, so greenery will help infuse your space with the same feeling. Don’t grab just any plant, though. Bathrooms, especially small ones, tend to get less sunlight than other rooms and are also more humid.

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