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    How Price Of Fuel Has Changed

    How Price Of Fuel Has Changed

    Petrol prices in several nations are approaching all-time highs, as rising demand and supply constraints drive global oil prices to a near three-year high.

    In 2001, the worldwide average price of gasoline was around $0.60 per litre, and filling up a typical family vehicle cost around $30. It is now $1.20 - $30 will get you half a tank.

    High gasoline costs are part of a worldwide energy crisis that has caused significant disruptions in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Prices for gasoline and diesel have also risen in other nations, including India and South Africa.

    Hong Kong has the most expensive fuel in the world at $2.56 per litre ($11.63 per gallon) as of September 2021, followed by the Netherlands at $2.18 ($9.91 per gallon) and the Central African Republic at $2.14 ($9.72 per gallon). High taxes have a significant role in the high cost of gasoline.


    Source:, aljazeera

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