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    Fly With A Tennis Ball In Your Carry-On

    Fly With A Tennis Ball In Your Carry-On

    Let's face it, nowadays, airlines can barely fit your own two legs. Because of the small space available in an economy class seat, you can expect to stay for hours with a sore neck and back, which has a significant impact on your circulation. It's much more awkward now that everyone is forced to wear a mask while flying.

    Although most people are aware that getting up and walking about during a flight will improve blood flow, doing so is not always practicable (or convenient!). This is where a tennis ball comes in handy.

    When it comes to relieving discomfort, enhancing circulation, and relieving tightness, tennis balls will put every fancy, costly device to shame. It turns out that carrying one of these portable masseuses in your carry-on could help avoid blood clots on long flights or road trips. These items should still be included in your carry-on.

    Rolling a tennis ball over the body relaxes tight muscles and increases blood supply. It's the perfect on-the-go self-massage you didn't know you deserved.

    Tennis balls are not only lightweight enough to fit into a small purse, but using it during a flight would not annoy the neighbors and thankfully, it's not one of the things that can get you flagged in the security line.

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