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    Caviar Day (July 18th)

    Caviar Day (July 18th)

    True caviar is made from one of a few species of sturgeon, and Caviar Day honors this decadent treat as well as its history.

    When you consider its current status in society, caviar has a peculiar past. The origins, on the other hand, remain the same. Caviar is the female roe (or eggs) of a variety of sturgeon species, with beluga being the most famous and well-known. Long ago, caviar was routinely provided for free, just like peanuts are now.

    Caviar occurs in a variety of hues, although it is most commonly a deep iridescent black color, and may contribute for up to 25% of a sturgeon's total weight. For those who are unaware, a sturgeon may weigh 300lbs or more, implying that a single sturgeon can generate up to 75lbs at a time.

    Caviar Day is both delicious and daring. While beluga sturgeon caviar may be out of reach for many people, it is not the only type of caviar available. Caviar Day honors all of them, including 'imposters' such as salmon, trout, carp, lumpfish, and many others.

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