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    Camping Meals

    Camping Meals

    Burgers, hot dogs, and ooey gooey S'mores are usually the first things that spring to mind when you think about camping meals.

    The traditional camping food has its advantages, but why not branch out with dishes that will take your camping experience to the next level? Consider some new flavors and cuisines that you never thought you could attain while planning your next camping trip.

    Keep in mind that more complex recipes may require the use of additional cooking tools. A high-quality camping stove is required, as is a large cooler. After all, cooking over the fire is intended to be a pleasant part of the camping experience, so have fun attempting these out-of-the-box dishes that are worth the additional effort.

    - Seafood boil foil packets

    - Campfire pizza

    - Shakshuka

    - Bannock

    - Skillet peach cobbler

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