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    Best Basmati Rice Substitutes

    Best Basmati Rice Substitutes

    What would we do if we didn't have Basmati rice? For many years, this fluffy white rice has been a staple in many of our kitchen cabinets and pantries.

    Basmati rice users swear by its delightful light flavor and lovely texture, and they would never be without it. Is there, however, a decent replacement if you run out and can't get to the store?

    Basmati rice is commonly used in Indian and other South Asian dishes. This rice originated in the Himalayan foothills and is still mostly cultivated in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

    What are the best Basmati rice substitutes? Other varieties of long-grain rice, such as American long-grain or Jasmine rice, can be used for Basmati rice. Non-rice substitutes such as orzo, couscous, quinoa, bulgur wheat, and cauliflower rice can be be used in place of Basmati rice.

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