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    4 Excuses People Use To Not Go Camping

    4 Excuses People Use To Not Go Camping

    Whether you enjoy the outdoors or not, there are times when it is simpler to find an excuse than it is to go camping. When asked "why not," there are usually a few answers that are offered more frequently than others. Here are the most prevalent reasons why people do not go camping. Our mission is to bring campers back into the wilderness.

    1. The fact is that no one loves insects. Mosquitoes probably don't like mosquitoes at all. They are unpleasant, irritating, and frequently carry deadly germs or illnesses. At the same time, many campers would want to avoid getting hazardous chemicals from repellents on their skin. Similarly, carrying a zapper and power supply deep into the wilderness can be difficult.

    2. Although “roughing it” is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of camping, getting out into the wilderness may be costly. After you throw in gas, food, gear, extra clothing, and nice-to-haves, the camping expense can quickly mount up. As a solution, we recommend carrying only the necessities.

    3. Mild repellents are effective against mosquitos, they have not been tested for grizzly bears or wild moose. Campers are frequently terrified to go camping because of lions, tigers, and bears...oh my!

    Although there are several precautions to take to avoid unpleasant encounters, we strongly advise that you investigate the region in which you will be camping. Is it common to see wildlife? Is it mating season, etc.

    4. Camping may not be for you if you are not comfortable completely embracing nature's multifunctional possibilities. Although we recommend carrying lots of toilet paper, a shovel, and hand sanitizer, the vast outdoors does not offer functioning restrooms. Although there aren't many similar options to a toilet, the benefits of camping far outweigh the drawbacks.

    Camping can be a very pleasurable experience! Once you've overcome the most typical excuses, your wildlife adventures are only a short drive away.

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